We have posted some of our favorite pictures.  We'll change them from time to time just to mix things up.  Just like all family photos, you probably don't care about these unless you know us or are just remarkably nosy.  :-)   But, we are self-centered enough to think you might like to see a few of them!  Enjoy.

Our pet Bailey, a Chocolate Labrador with a special desire for cigar dog toys...

One of our favorite pictures of all time.  John's late father, Fred, with our daughter Alexis.  (John has a bald spot just like that now!)

Speaking of parents, here's John's parents Sue and Fred, celebrating his mother's birthday.  They're both gone now and very sadly missed.

While we're on the parents subject, here's one of Shelley's late mother, Rose.  Yep, the feelings were mutual.

John's uncle Steve, piloting the boat with a very unique style...

John's Grandfather, Glenn Champ was one of those special people, whose kind and gentle approach to life, coupled with an unwavering sense of gentlemanly authority drove an entire community to better things.  Recently, the small town of Central City, Illinois, where he was an educator for many years, named their main street in his honor.  They have also named the school's gymnasium after him.  Here, his sons Steve and Dave accept this great honor on his behalf.  Too bad Mom wasn't here to  experience this, she would have been just as proud of him as we are.

Here's Shelley in front of the Trevi Fountain in Rome during a recent visit...

John in front of the Taj Mahol, a few hours outside of New Delhi, India...

John at the Augusta National Country Club, enjoying a post round cigar after spending the day at the Masters Golf Tournament.  (Smartphone cameras just can't capture the atmosphere, what a special place this is.)

The view from a winery/resort we like very much, the Cave B Inn and Winery, just outside of Quincy, Washington.  It's in the high desert region, right on the Columbia River.  Gorgeous views, excellent wine and a peacefulness you can't find many places today.

While in Beijing, China, John ran across this "engrish" sign of questionable translation accuracy...

One of John's many vices is collecting old broadcast microphones.  He just can't keep that love of broadcasting technology under control.  Here are a few favorites (trust us, he has lots more!)

A Sony ECM-51 from the 70's.  This is one made famous by game show hosts like Gene Rayburn (Match Game) and Bob Barker (Price is Right).  Actually, it was designed by Gene Rayburn and made from him by Sony's broadcast division.  The slender, telescoping mic was light and very sensitive.  He has two of these really rare mics, in the case, both working.

The classic, RCA 77D ribbon microphone.  Every serious collector has to have one of these!

Another one of his favorites, an American D22.  This one is gold plated and was quite popular in the late 40's thru the 60's in television and movie work as a performance hand mic.

Another hobby of John is antique radios.  Again, in keeping with his personality, he has more than just a few.  

This is a Crosley radio, frequently referred to as the "dashboard" radio because of it's similarity to automotive dashboards of the time.  This is a real Crosley, not those flimsy imitations with a krappy cassette player stuffed in the side you find at Cracker Barrel!  

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